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What is Family Constellation and how does it work?

About Constellation work

Constellation is a phenomenological therapy that reveals transgenerational traumas, that have been passed on from previous generations and are unconsciously affecting one’s life.

In a Constellation sessions clients will experience their issues in a sensory form, where their situation is represented by the people in a group setting and by objects in an individual and online sessions.

Constellation work was created by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Hellinger worked for 16 years in Zulu land as a Jesuit priest. During this time, he observed that Zulu’s healing occurs in groups and that they follow an order that Hellinger called later in his work the Orders of Love.

Order of Love are represented by three systemic laws as followed:


Respecting the order of birth (elders before youngers)


Every single member of the family belongs to the family system despite their faith or doings


Each family member gives and takes equally, apart from parents who give more to their children

When one or more of these systematic laws are disrupted, entanglements in the individual’s family systems are created. These entanglements are passed on from one generation into another until someone in the family system addresses it. Entanglements can appear in the form of depression, mental illnesses, addictions, relationship issues, financial and career issues, physical diseases and more.

Constellation work is a soul-searching instrument which gives one a clearer and more efficient picture about where the current situation is. Constellation work guides one towards a better understanding of oneself and the situation one is living in.

How Constellation work works

In a group setting the client will choose people from the group to represent the issue that will be worked on the day. The client will share one’s history as little or as much one feels comfortable doing so. Followed by the client choosing people from the group to represent the arts of the process, that will be worked on.

For instance, a person to represent the client, one person to represent the client’s mother and one person to represent the client’s father. The client will place the representatives of his session on the field in the way one feels connected to these people in the moment. From this place the representatives will experience in their own bodies feelings and impulses that will be shared with the group and will lead the client and the facilitator in the process of searching for resolution.

Constellation’s sessions can take place in an individual setting as well as in the group one with the difference, that the parts of the process, that will be worked on will be represented by objects, such as little dolls and crystals.
Both group and individual sessions are deeply healing, powerful and transformational.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one works better – Group or Individual Constellation session?

Both are equally beneficial in terms of possibilities of transformation and detangling which empowers the individual to live a more fulfilled life.

Are online Constellation sessions effective?

Yes, they are. Online Constellations sessions require up to two hours in a private setting and objects that make sense to you and to the people involved in the process. It is beneficial to have some spare objects to allow options in the process. Together the client and the facilitator create a field, that operates intuitively and collaboratively in the search of healing and higher self-awareness.

What the representatives do or feel?

The representatives resonate the feelings and thoughts from the person they were chosen to represent. It can show up as a physical sensation, thought, an urge to move places or say or do something.

Every time you represent someone in a Constellation process, you are helping the family systems you were chosen to represent in that moment, and you are also healing your lineage as well as yourself.

Do I have to go through a Constellation process if I attend the workshop?

Not at all. You can come and experience the process as many times as you may feel. The workshop is an open and free space that allows you to be yourself without being questioned. In addition, you will receive information and healing just for the fact you are being part of the workshop and other’s people sessions.

Do I have to bring my family to the Constellation session in order to go through a process?

Not necessarily, you do not have any family members with you. However, this does not mean that you cannot bring family member or your partner with you.

How many Constellations sessions I will need?

There is not an exact answer for this question. Although is recommended to have a space between one session and another. This way allowing time for the process to work.

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