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Lucimara Girardi

I am a qualified psychologist, counsellor and Family Constellation’s facilitator working with individuals, children and couples, also offering private counselling and constellation sessions.

I am highly passionate about constellation work. After having experienced my own constellation and its effects in my life, I’ve been dedicating myself to obtain the skills to facilitate other’s processes.

In parallel to constellations, I’ve been working for years as a social worker, with experience in aged care, disabilities and in the child and youth sector. Currently I work as a Therapeutic Specialist in child protection in Australia.

I am fully committed to my work and dedicated to keep improving my skills in order to consistently and confidently deliver nurturing and warm sessions to my clients.

Family Constellation



Social Worker

I am highly passionate about Constellation work. After having experienced my own Constellation and its effects in my life, I have been dedicating myself to obtain the skills to facilitate other's processes.

My Story

My Family Constellation journey started in 2016

I was visiting my home country, Brazil, and decided it was my time to join a Family Constellation session that a childhood friend recommended.

I had an initial consultation session with the facilitator and explained that I lived in Australia and had been working on transferring my degree for about ten years, but would only find closed doors. I mentioned to her that I would like to work on this subject as it was affecting my life in many aspects, including my mental health.

On the day of the session, even though my intention was working on my future career in Australia, what was revealed was a situation I had lived 19 years prior and had only spoken about a couple of times. It had been buried inside me. That situation was what I needed to look at in order to be able to move forward with my life, my energy was stuck in that place inside of me, and I was not aware of it and how much it was impacting my daily life. That process was deeply transformative and life-changing for me.

After experiencing that session, I came back to Australia and decided that I wanted to learn more about it, and became a Family Constellation facilitator. After a decade trying to work with something related to psychology, the field I had studied and loved profoundly, I found open doors. It finally gave me a choice and lifted my spirit.

About Constellation work

Kind words from Clients

"Aloha! I was so fortunate to experience the constellation work and the energetic healing power it provides. Many cords that held me back were released offering my soul a sense of closure, freedom and peace, not just I stand tot bit for weeks later it continued. I recommend this highly and the beautiful Lucimara who holds this space with such safety, love and integrity. Love and compassion always."


"I truly recommend Family and Systemic Constellation because I have participated of the last workshop, and I have experienced the most beautiful form of love. People been healed and liberating their ancestors to be free because they already have done their best in this plan. It’s such a profound, emotional, inspiring and beautiful to participate of this event where you are an important part of all process of healing. Lucimara led us of the way to get the best in each constellation that was realised. She is an excellent professional. So grateful for this opportunity."


"I highly recommend Lucimara and her Family Constellation workshop. It was illuminating and healing, and I felt safe to express myself in an authentic way. Thank you for your beautiful heart and the work you do, Lucimara."